Masseur in Galtür Paznaun - Ischgl

Massage studio Nikolaus Raggl - Masseur in Galtür Paznaun - Ischgl

Due to my own discomfort, I started at a young age in 1985 to focus on fitness, nutrition and massage to be address my problems. This led to me starting my training in 1999. In 2007 I founded the Nikolaus Raggl massage studio in Ambrosius.

  • 1999 - trained as a massage therapist and hydrotherapist in the Schloss-school in St. Radegrund Graz.
  • Also completed Tirol Vital trainer and fitness instructor qualifications at Innsbruck Sports University

An avalanche of additional training has been unleashed and is constantly on the move:

  • 2000 - Dr. Vodder lymph drainage in Walchsee Fußreflexzonenmass, Mass. Vital Point. & Qi Gong at Agnes & Thonet Tschen, RWO-SHR Institute Innsbruck
  • 2001 - Qi Gong: Hanno Killian
  • 2003 - Tuina massage, connective tissue massage and segmental massage: Dorn Breuss
  • 2005 - Tuina practice in China: 3 weeks in Anshen, Hospital Tang Gang Zi
  • 2005 - 2007 - Bach flower therapy: Marina Sturm
  • 2010 - BA YI HE FA 8 harmonies healing art of Qi Gong: Dr. Christopher Po Minar, Wien
  • 2012 - Lomi Lomi Nui, Terramedus Academy
  • 2014 - Hawaiian bodywork, Österreichische Gesellschaft für Lomi Lomoi Nui
  • 2016 - Qi Gong Instructor: Dr. med. Großmeister Qingshan Liu, Münchener Qigong Akademie
  • 2017 - laufend - Visonäre Craniosacral Arbeit, Milne Institut
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