Masseur in Galtür Paznaun - Ischgl

Massage offer in Galtür Paznaun - Ischgl in massage studio Nikolaus Raggl

Classical - Aromatherapy massage with organic almond oil and high quality essential oils:

  • Relieves everyday complaints and aids relaxation for body, mind and soul
  • Faster regeneration after physical exertion

Tuina Massage - named after two basic concepts: Tui = push, na = access:

  • By pressing acupressure points and striping meridian lines, the desired effect of releasing blockages and balancing energy flow is achieved


  • Stimulates the reflex zones, improves blood circulation & supports organ functions

Dr. Vodder lymph drainage:

  • Is very relaxing to the autonomic nervous system and promotes lymph flow

Lomi Lomi Nui:

  • Is a holistic treatment based on the ancient healing wisdom of the Hawaiian HUNA teachings.
  • A massage of the whole body where you will be affected, stretched and massaged with the forearm of the masseur. Music and warm oil support a unique well-being so that you can return to every day´s life with joy and clarity.
In the case of symptoms, it is important to me that you obtain a medical clarification beforehand. By being embedded in Christ, the energy from believing naturally accompanies me in my work.

My current info flyer you can download here (pdf)!